When I Grow Up…

When I grow up…
I want to be  geneticist! Geneticists study biology and are involved with unlocking secrets about life that have never been discovered. A geneticist is home in a laboratory, and mostly works long hours. They are dedicated to their work, and can spend decades answering only one question at a time about the genome.DNA and twisty green things by Ethan Hein

 It is this dedication that shines the light on most of their profession. Geneticists have an application in several fields and more can be expected as technologically advanced products arrive on the market. Majority of  geneticists study diseases, agriculture and crime. Geneticists try to uncover the cause of diseases, birth defects and develop ways to prevent or treat them. I want to be a geneticist because I would like to develop vaccines and medication for diseases and viruses, and become a hero!
What do you want to be when you grow up? Or, if you already are grown up, what would be your dream job?

Image “DNA and twisty green things” by Ethan Hein.

2 thoughts on “When I Grow Up…

  1. Hi Eric,

    That’s a great dream job! I have a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, so I have studied some genetics. Genetics is a very interesting field, but also very complicated. You’re right that it can take decades to answer just one question about the genome. You have to be very dedicated and study hard. Good luck!!

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